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  • How I Wrote About Your Show

    So let’s talk about The View. What? You didn’t think I was going to write about How I Met Your Mother just because the title of this piece clearly implied that, did you? No, no. Titles are contrivances, mere fluffery. They don’t constitute a contract between author and audience. Just because the show seems to be […]

  • New trailer for FALLING SKIES

    I’ve been resistant about this, but I do love Noah Wyle. Of course it means keeping fingers crossed that Good Blood Moon er, Blood MoonGood Moon Bloodgood doesn’t stink up the joint like she did in her Burn Notice arc. We’ll see.

  • Middleman C2E2 Panel

    This past Saturday, I attended a reunion panel for The Middleman, a wonderful show that ran for twelve episodes on ABC Family.  TV critics passionately stumped for the show, but the audience never showed up, and the show was canceled before its first season was through.  (I blather on a bit about it here.) Now […]

  • GREEK series finale

    Tonight rings the bell on the era of innovation and risk at ABC Family as the slight but witty Greek ends its four-year run. There was a time, not so long ago, when the cable netlet didn’t know what it wanted to be. Before it had settled on a schedule rich in teen angst, teen […]

  • Friday Night Lights: “East of Dillon”

    Welcome back, Coach! I have very little and very much to say about this beautiful season four premiere. Let’s see whether my talky or taciturn side wins, shall we? When we left Dillon, Coach had been screwed out of his position by Joe McCoy’s machinations, ((I’m sure in his eyes, Coach hoisted himself on his […]

  • Psych: “Mr. Yin Presents”

    In what I feel is a welcome sign of artistic growth, Psych has taken to ending its half seasons with episodes that raise the stakes for Shawn and Gus, giving Dulé Hill and James Roday opportunities to stretch their acting legs out a bit. This started with the mid-season finale of season three but the […]

  • White Collar: “Out of the Box”

    While I find White Collar to be a decent diversion and continue to watch it each week, it’s failed to make the leap narratively. I’m sticking around because I think Matt Bomer’s got a lot of charm, I love Willy Garson, and I’m a long-time fan of Tim DeKay’s. ((Plus, I keep hoping Natalie Morales […]

  • Burn Notice: “Devil You Know”

    Over the last three years, Michael Westen has faced his demons, ghosts from his past, and – in Victor – a cautionary tale of his own future. In tonight’s season finale he meets something far worse: himself. The monster whose crimes fill Michael’s burn notice has been locked in a dark hole, stripped of his […]

  • Mad Men: “Out of Town”

    If season two of Mad Men was about long-term bonds and understandings coming to an end, this season looks to be the chaotic aftermath of that. Under conditions of extreme pressure and energy, novel forms blink into and out of existence, quantum states superimpose, and out of the soup new structures crystallize. This is true […]

  • Leverage: “The Three Days of the Hunter Job”

    This episode was all kinds of wonderful. From Hardison’s wig to Parker’s awkward interactions with people to the tongue-in-cheek homages to the great thrillers of the ’70s, from start to finish: fun. By switching up roles in an effort to allow Sophie to seek some comfort and excitement after her breakup, everyone got a chance […]