Tawnya Jonsek

To ease the pain of slaving away, coding .NET apps all day, I spend my spare time  blogging, tweeting, guitar playing & singing. My hope is to someday bust out of the Dilbert-esque cubicle I’m trapped in and do all this full time. Plan A: Win Lottery. Plan B: Fall into a vat of nuclear waste, filled with robotic spiders which bite me and turn me into a superhuman. Plan C: Millions everywhere donate to my PayPal account on a weekly basis. Or, if those brilliant, beautifully laid out plans fail, there’s always Plan D. Work really hard, pay my dues and get lucky.

If you feel the need to stalk me, I can be found wasting valuable time on www.twitter.com/saharabloom or blogging at www.awomansblog.com.