R.A. Porter

I really don’t like to be photographed very much, and while I do have some photos of my face around, I think this shot of my head, freshly shaved and in the sun after recovering from a sunburn is appropriate.

Now, as to who I am…

I’m a software engineer living in PHX. And if you know anything about software and the city of Phoenix, you can imagine how very frustrating that combination is. Imagine you were a chef who worked in San Francisco or New Orleans. And then you moved to Wasilla, AK. There are precious few jobs, and even the ones available aren’t all that great. So like the poor chef forced to butcher Sarah Palin’s mooses on the side for a few bucks spending money, I’m forced to do things that don’t make me proud just to stay employed. Oh well.

More important to the task at hand, I’m a struggling writer, trying to make my break into the industry as a staff writer on a TV show. I’ve been working on that goal for only a year and a half, so I’ve got years of strife ahead of me before I should expect any success. Or, a show runner decides she likes the cut of my jib here and takes a look at my specs. It could happen.

I grew up watching TV and plan to grow old doing the same. I doubt I’ll ever love any woman as much as Ginger Grant, though Joan Holloway is running an extremely close second. And as much as my dad’s a cool dude, he ain’t no Mike Brady.

I love that idiot tube, that glass teat. And yes. I’ve read “The Glass Teat”. It’s been a few years, but I’ve read it a few times.

I can be found ranting on a wide variety of topics on my personal blog and stalked on Twitter.