There are a lot of websites, group blogs, personal blogs, and insane scratchings on restroom walls about television. We hope this site will be different from those.

We want to engage more people in a conversation about TV, at least the TV we care about. What that means is that I’m not going to ever write a review about Survivor. I don’t watch it; it doesn’t interest me. But it probably interests one of our other writers (they’re coming, I swear.) So someone is likely to write about a show you love.

Hell, I think we’ve even got someone who wants to write about Two and a Half Men. And not just write about it, but attempt to convince us it’s a great comedy. (She may be right. The kid just creeps me out.)

Look at the top menu: discussions, interviews, live blogs, and reviews. And absolutely no content yet. But just watch over the next few days and weeks as we start filling it in. But more to the point, what do those categories mean?

  • Discussions: A lot of shows, they just don’t need recaps or reviews. But people want to talk about them. Shows like 30 Rock, or How I Met Your Mother, or Heroes seem like good candidates for this. Sure, we could give you a Heroes recap, but why try to do what TWOP already does better? Instead, how about a place to talk about the shows with like-minded (and hopefully less snarky) people? When your favorite show is finished, we’d like this to be the first place you go to talk about it. We might not have much to say beyond “that was awesome…what did you think?” but that just leaves more room for your thoughts.
  • Interviews: I like writers. A lot. I am a writer, even if the IRS and my employer would tell you otherwise. I like to talk to writers. A lot. So expect me to do that here. And since the other contributors suffer from similar urges and desires, expect them to as well. If we’re at all successful, this should become the best place on the web to read interviews with television writers.
  • Live Blogs: Similar to the Discussions category, but in real-time. We’re going to have some good candidates for live blogging coming up in the next month with the remaining debates and election night coverage. We’re going to play around with some ways of doing this in real-time and would like you to join in the fun.
  • Reviews: Sometimes we’re going to actually have something to say. Sometimes it’ll be a basic recap and sometimes it’ll be more analytical.

Alright. That’s all I’ve got to say about our “mission”. I’d also warn you that you should expect things to change a lot around here – layout, functionality, look and feel, content – as we go forward. Honestly? I built this site in a weekend and it’s not very polished. But it will be, and we hope you’ll stay around while we build it into something really interesting.