Kari Geltemeyer

Who is who? So hard to tell!
Who is who? So hard to tell!

Hi, my name is Kari.

I currently live in New York City—and work at home—so I spend a fair amount of time staring out the window into the apartments across the street and waiting for a murder to happen. Cross your fingers! The best thing about working from home is you don’t have to look good doing it, and can even dress like Buster if you feel like it. However, this is also a bad thing. Double-edged sword! For example, I can wear the same clothes for three days straight because I rarely see people I know during the day, and the people I don’t know would never remember what I look like anyway, much less care enough to keep track of the wardrobe I’m not changing. The bad thing is it’s pretty gross and indicative of a slide down the slippery slope to LUNACY and DRUG USE. But I’m just guessing about that.

Equally good/bad: eating anything you want, anytime you want.

Anyway, you can also find me here. And what you should know up front is that I write pretty much the way that I speak, which is probably why I will drive you crazy. But friendship is not without its burdens, right? I learned that from life.