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  • EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Charlie Jade’s Michael Filipowich

    Sometimes cool stuff happens when you’re not even looking for it. Like how Mike and Jason were looking for writers to expand the roster here on Pop Critics just a couple weeks before one of my favorite shows was premiering. And how even though Sci Fi saw fit to bury Charlie Jade after two episodes, […]

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Choosing Sides”

    Well I may have killed a few people, I may have even enjoyed it. But you want to walk away from 10 billion people. And they’re all going to die without your help. Which one of us is a psychopath? – 01 Boxer Remember a few weeks ago when Charlie and 01 got a minute […]

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Thicker Than Water”

    Blood. Blood’s thicker than water. But then blood’s just a synecdoche for family. And what is family? The relationship between a father and son, certainly is family. So is that between lovers. Two orphans, watching each other’s backs and surviving on the streets through cunning. That’s family, too. In a world where six companies control […]

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Identity”

    What makes you who you are? Does your identity come from what you do? Where you come from? Something else? I met a girl one night, a friend of a friend of a friend, and asked her what she did. She told me she “tried to do one thing a day to bring her joy.” Now, the pragmatist in me wanted to kick her out of my car. But the guy looking to get lucky said, “that’s a beautiful answer.” Did she answer my question?

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Betrayal”

    See, I told y’all stuff was gonna happen, right? Holy hellfire! While this episode has some very nice character moments slipped in, it’s really all about story. A lot gets pushed forward, some ideas that had been dropped for weeks get brought back to the forefront where they belong, and we say goodbye to at […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Charlie Jade Headwriter Alex Epstein

    It’s no mystery that I’m a huge Charlie Jade fan. I don’t write those insanely long and detailed recaps on a show relegated to the 2am time slot for fame and fortune, that’s for sure. What is a little surprising is how I came to know and love the show.

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Devotion”

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. It’s the best of the season so far, I think. A compelling case can be made for “And Not a Drop to Drink”, as it opens the kimono on inter-dimensional travel, 01’s unique abilities, and the importance of water to the scheme of things. But tonight…it’s something else.

  • Charlie Jade recap: “Diamonds”

    Surprise…Charlie Jade is not a force of nature. Neither is he a man with no name. He’s flesh and blood, and filled with contradictions. Like anyone, Charlie has a past that informs who and why he is and this week we get a peak into it.

  • Charlie Jade Recap: “Dirty Laundry”

    01 Boxer knows why the power’s going, but not yet where. He shows up at a power facility in a sweet old Bentley to deliver a slate to Julius. Of course 01’s motives are never as unsubtle as they at first appear. He’s not just trying to vex the Vex-Cor chair by showing up with a couple of bimbos in tow; neither is he merely challenging Julius to act.

  • Charlie Jade Recap: “And Not a Drop to Drink”

    That wasn’t a slow one at all, was it? This is usually the point where those of us who are fans of this fantastic show can stop promising it’ll all be worth it if you just hang on a little longer. This is the point where the newbies become converts and start proselytizing right alongside us. This is also where we see the real crime of SciFi’s quick hook.