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  • The American Model is the Devil

    They did it. And I’m done with it. I’ve unlocked the “Cancel Season Pass to How I Met You Mother Badge.”

  • Maybe Brent Musburger could get me to care that THIS IS CBS

    Since I started out my little project with a spotlight review of How I Met Your Mother, I might as well stick with CBS. I bet that a clever monkey (like a Nielsen statistician) with access to Nielsen’s numbers (like a Nielsen statistician) and some secondary studies about television viewing habits, traditional vs. alternative broadcast […]

  • How I Wrote About Your Show

    So let’s talk about The View. What? You didn’t think I was going to write about How I Met Your Mother┬ájust because the title of this piece clearly implied that, did you? No, no. Titles are contrivances, mere fluffery. They don’t constitute a contract between author and audience. Just because the show seems to be […]