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  • New trailer for FALLING SKIES

    I’ve been resistant about this, but I do love Noah Wyle. Of course it means keeping fingers crossed that Good Blood Moon er, Blood MoonGood Moon Bloodgood doesn’t stink up the joint like she did in her Burn Notice arc. We’ll see.

  • TNT Adds two episodes of Leverage to summer schedule

    Good news to fans of the con! More crime-y goodness. More below.

  • Saving Grace sets date for conclusion

    As much as I love Holly Hunter, I never did get into Saving Grace. However, I know some of my readers are fans and will be saddened by this news. TNT will conclude the fascinating journey of Oklahoma City Police Det. Grace Hanadarko in 2010, when the network’s groundbreaking original series SAVING GRACE will come […]

  • Leverage: “The Three Days of the Hunter Job”

    This episode was all kinds of wonderful. From Hardison’s wig to Parker’s awkward interactions with people to the tongue-in-cheek homages to the great thrillers of the ’70s, from start to finish: fun. By switching up roles in an effort to allow Sophie to seek some comfort and excitement after her breakup, everyone got a chance […]

  • Leverage: “The Fairy Godparents Job”

    We talk all the time but it never feels like you’re actually sharing anything. As great as you are, there’s always a mask. I just don’t know who you really are, Katherine. Bernie Goddamn Madoff. He takes our money, insults our legal system, makes the sick sicker, and the poor poorer. Turns out he (or […]

  • Leverage: “The Order 23 Job”

    A dirty, rotten, no good hedge fund manager? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Tonight’s mark, Eddie Maranjian, was a hedge fund manager of Armenian descent who, naturally, preyed on the weak and walked off with their money. The team is pretty sure he’s got at least $400K liquid stashed away somewhere and offers […]

  • Leverage: “The Tap-Out Job”

    Christian Kane is in the spotlight this week with his meatiest episode since last season’s “The Two-Horse Job”. And while that episode gave us a picture of his past, this one does more to show us the struggle that pushed him to leave home to begin with. ((Like Martin Blank, I imagine Eliot decided one […]

  • Leverage: “The Beantown Bailout Job”

    Bad things happen to good people. And on TV, interesting bad things happen to and/or near main characters. Timothy Hutton – and by extension Nate Ford – only has a few years on me; perhaps in the next decade or so a sabotaged car will career toward me and flip in the air, landing feet […]

  • Leverage Season Preview

    After last season’s very big, very destructive finale, the Leverage Group disbanded and went to the four corners. Their operation was in ruins and their names and faces were exposed to the authorities by Jim Sterling; going underground was the logical move. We return six months later in Boston. Nate has accepted a job working […]

  • Dark Blue premieres on TNT

    I’ve been a fan of Dylan McDermott since way back. Back when I couldn’t quite keep my Dylans and Dermots straight ((I’m not the only one.)) I still knew when I saw him that I’d probably enjoy whatever he was doing. I put up with The Practice long past its DEK half-life, ((The number of […]