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  • Unexpected programming interruption

    I’ve been dealing with a few matters in the real world and they’ve caused me to trim a little of my writing. Here and Sketch War have been the hardest hit of late. Sorry. I hope to get back on track in the next week or so, catching up on the summer shows I review […]

  • Charlie Jade podcast

    Another episode of the Charlie Jade podcast has been posted at Charlie Jade Verse. This one covers the weakest of the four “acts” of the show, though it includes the marvelous “Betrayal”, seen above. Take some time and take a listen, because the next act is a fun one.

  • TBS To add original animated fare to its lineup

    In a real “fish out of lake of fire” story, Pam Brady (South Park) and Mireille Soria (Madagascar) are bringing Neighbors From Hell to TBS with an initial 10-episode order. The setup has potential, but execution is key. I can’t make any guesses about the animation style because we’re looking at two EPs with very […]

  • Kings premieres. Does anyone care?

    I don’t have a lot to say about the premiere of Kings right yet; it was ambitious and interesting and I’ve saved a season pass for it, but I don’t really know what to think. It could easily degrade into a soapy mess, more 90210 than The West Wing, but Michael Green’s pilot managed to […]

  • Charlie Jade news

    Those of you who’ve followed on over from Pop Critics likely already know of my great affection for Charlie Jade and disgust with The SciFi Channel for their mistreatment of this fine noir science fiction. Minimally promoted, and yanked unceremoniously from its Friday timeslot to burnoff theater – Tuesday mornings at 2am – the network […]

  • The Middleman DVD *is* coming!

    A very quick note to pass along the good news from Javi Grillo-Marxauch’s blog: Shout! Factory, producers of some of the finest DVD sets on the market, are working on the box set of season one of The Middleman and should have it in time for Comic-Con!

  • Ugly Betty – “Dress for Success”

    I love Ugly Betty. But last night’s show left me a bit – perturbed. Just slightly. In “Dress for Success”, Betty is scrambling to hold on to her position in the YETI program. Being a magazine editor is her dream, her passion. Her family should understand this and know (after three years) that the job […]

  • The FAIL List: 2008

    Ah 2008, you sorry, piece of shit excuse of a year. So happy to see you skittering across the floor toward the door. You will NOT be missed. What, after all, did you give us? Tina Fey playing the dumbest woman in America and…nothing. Or damn close to it. But it’s not just what you […]

  • Who Thought Carlos Wouldn’t Get His Sight Back?

    I have to admit it. When Carlos lost his sight, I thought it would be one, two episodes tops and then whoop from heaven, the light would shine and the blind would see. But as the story played out, I was secretly thrilled they were getting more traction out of his blindness. After all, Law […]

  • Horror Meets Comedy launches on Xbox LIVE

    Got an Xbox? Good. Got Xbox LIVE? Very good. Today is the launch of the Horror Meets Comedy shorts on LIVE, sponsored by the USAF ((Don’t ask…I don’t know why. Don’t tell…me if you know.)) I just finished the short, from May director Lucky McKee, and chuckled quite a bit. If you like subversive and […]