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Those of you who’ve followed on over from Pop Critics likely already know of my great affection for Charlie Jade and disgust with The SciFi Channel for their mistreatment of this fine noir science fiction. Minimally promoted, and yanked unceremoniously from its Friday timeslot to burnoff theater – Tuesday mornings at 2am – the network had no faith in its audience. Then again, this is the network that shows Ghost Hunters and wrestling instead of science fiction, so no one should be surprised.

But SciFi paid good money for the rights and they intend to get something in return, so on Tuesday March 10, SciFi is running an eight-episode mini-marathon.

You can also head over to Charlie Jade Verse to keep up with all the latest news, listen to episode commentaries from the creators, read reviews, and listen to our Podcast on the show. So if you’ve ever wondered what your humble host sounds like, go listen to me wax poetic about one of my favorite shows.