Call for Writers

We are always looking for new contributors here at DreamLoom, right now more than ever. See, I’m about done with TV I’d write about for the next couple of months unless one of the new shows coming up really grabs me hard. Leverage and Burn Notice are off until the summer, Friday Night Lights is winding down its season, and even if I wrote about BSG…well…there are only three hours left!!!

I don’t think I’ve got any shows in my queue until July.

I’m planning on doing some different things in the interim – reviewing DVD collections, longer critical pieces on some older shows, maybe doing a deep critical breakdown of Burn Notice as I write a new spec episode – but that’s not going to fill the week. Kari’s going to be done with BSG soon and that’ll just leave us with her excellent Flight of the Conchords reviews unless she feels some love for anything else on the air. And Tawnya is still mourning Dirty Sexy Money, I think.

So, if you’ve got something to say about something we don’t…why don’t you contact us with a writing sample and some ideas on what you’d like to write for us at submissions(nospam)