Middleman Recap: “The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum”

Middleman and DubDubIt’s pop quiz day for Middle-trainee Wendy Watson, and it starts with an emergency call to meet at the Rendevous Point. Five minutes distracted by Lacey and 15 to travel and Dubby made it to the Rendevous Point Diner out by Lyon Estates. She didn’t even need a Delorean to do it.

Middleman is concerned that Dubby’s been thrust into the thick of it without proper grounding and training in all things Middle, so he’s tickled pink to help bring her into the fold. It’s not just about training her mind and body, but building l’esprit de corps. Unfortunately, DubDub’s a bit distracted this week. Turns out Ben, her über-douche boyfriend from the pilot who filmed their breakup for class, put it up on the DubDubDub. In one day, it’s attracted 750,000 hits. It’s a viral hit, for sure.

Let it All Out

Everyone – Lacey, Moser, even Middleman himself – thinks DubDub needs to express herself and release her pain. Lacey even tries to make her watch Dr. Gil. Then, just because she decapitates a training droid, Middleman even thinks she’s got pent up rage. Hey, she found out where the training bomb was from the training droid by going Jack Bauer on his shiny metal ass. That should be good enough!

Scotty, Beam me Up

A red ball comes in the Middle HQ: a woman disappeared from an upscale shopping center in an upscale part of town. Middleman and DubDub show up to investigate the strange goings on as Doc Emmett Brown and his assistant to discover with the BTRS (Beyond the Realm of Science) Device that she’d been transported away. She returns while they investigate…without her head!

At her family’s home, they find out this is not the first attack. Middleman doesn’t spill to his trusty sidekick, but he already knows they’re not of this Earth.

Manicoids are peaceful aliens who live among us. With faces like Joan Rivers and a taste for exotic jewels, they congregate in rich neighborhoods where they’ll go unnoticed. Unfortunately, someone has noticed them.

Heading to the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Newleaf, Dubby plays it tough while Middleman is smooth as silk. He warns the good doctor that someone is hunting his people while Dubby stews outside. That’s the price of pulling a gun, even one the boss has put training wheels on, on the good guys.

Sly as a fox, Middleman gives Dr. Newleaf a gift of a Middlewatch. The better to track him with. Dubby’s upset at the tracking notion – a wearer of a Middlewatch herself – until MM explains it just always means he has her back.

Oprah’s an Alien Too, I Bet

Late that night, Dubby gets the signal. Dr. Newleaf has been transported away from his office. She and Middleman follow the tracer to Dr. Gil’s television studio. I knew there was something untrustworthy about that guy!

Dr. Gil has been hunting Manicoids for years, every since they killed his father. The fact that they killed his father by crashing on him in a ball of fire when his father opened fire unprovoked seems to have escaped the portly psychobabbler. Regardless, he’s got appearances to keep, so he long ago stopped hunting animals. Now, he just transports Manicoids to his private hunting preserve where he kills them.

Oh yeah. His transporter. He stole it from the ship that crashed. D-bag.
Vasquez Rocks


This episode is, like all episodes of the Middleman, a treasure-trove of geek references. This week’s are probably the most accessible to date, since most of them are Back to the Future shout-outs. I caught

  • Lyon Estates
  • Twin Pines Mall
  • Emmett Brown
  • Bufford Tannen
  • Agent Strickland

I’m sure I missed a few others. However, the best geek shoutout was not to Marty McFly. Dr. Gil’s private hunting reserve is at Vasquez Rocks in LA County. Sure, lots of shows have shot there, but tonight’s is a specific reference to the ST:TOS episode “Arena”. Which is why it pained me that Wendy Watson didn’t just find some sulphur, salt peter, and gemstones and build herself a gun.

Thoughts? The show growing on you or gnawing at you? Personally, I’m a definite fan.