Worlds Funniest Office Commercials


I just curled up with TBS’s Worlds Funniest Office Commercials and laughed my ass off. I happened to be watching on my laptop with earphones and know for a fact I made several people nearby jealous. If only I had been generous enough to share. But – with a young boy in the room who just happened to ask about the facts of life recently – I didn’t want to explain some of the racier ads. (Why is that woman holding a whip spanking the man?) Yeah, we don’t want to go there.

Mike O’Malley (My Name is Earl and Yes, Dear) hosted the special. Normally the host of these sorts of shows cracks lame jokes and you think to yourself ‘get on with the show, man’, but I was entertained by his antics, albeit cornball. (Note to self: remember the magic marker on the coffee cup trick.)

Some of the funniest ads in the show were Rolling Rock’s “Man Thong” (United States), Bud Light’s “Swear Jar” (United States), Cadbury’s “Reply All” (Canada) and Central Behaar’s “New Guy” (The Netherlands).

If you missed the show or want to see even more commercials (read: even racier), then check out their website at

TBS Worlds Funniest Office Commercials aired Sunday, April 12 at 8 P.M. ET/PT.